Klever XChange  Keep the Handle, Replace the Head!

Safety and Convenience

  • Recessed blade reduces cut injuries and damaged goods.
  • Cuts boxes, film, tape, and thousands more applications.
  • Ergonomic ‘Soft Touch’ handle reduces hand fatigue and stress.
  • Innovative Metal Tape Splitter
  • Advanced Plastic Polymers - Soft grip handle.
  • Highest Safety Level.
  • Interchangeable, replaceable head.
    (1 pre-loaded per handle. Additional sold separately.)
Innovative Plastic Tape Splitter

Innovative Plastic Tape Splitter

Available in the yellow handle ONLY.

Klever XChange Replacement Heads

Klever XChange Replacement Heads

Interchangeable, quick-change, snap-in heads for the Klever XChange and XChange PLUS Safety Cutters. Visit the Klever XChange Replacement Heads page for more information.

Part Numbers

Handle with Narrow (20) Head:

KCJ-XC-20B (Blue)
KCJ-XC-20Y (Yellow)
KCJ-XC-20R (Red)
KCJ-XC-20G (Orange)

Handle with Wide (30) Head:

KCJ-XC-30B (Blue)
KCJ-XC-30Y (Yellow)
KCJ-XC-30R (Red)
KCJ-XC-30G (Orange)

Product/Packaging Specifications

Handles with Head Preloaded:
144 per case
(12 bags of 12)
1 box = 10" x 9" x 7"

1 box = 12 lbs = 5.4 kg with Narrow Head
1 box = 13 lbs = 5.9 kg with Wide Head

XChange replacement heads:
unless otherwise specified, are bulk packed in quantities of 500

High quality carbon steel

Four Colors Available!

Klever XChange Colors (4)

Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue.