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Klever XChange35 Wide, Multipurpose Head

Keep the handle, replace the head!


Klever XChange35™ - Multipurpose Wide Diagram

By only disposing of the Replacement Blade Head, you are saving (on average):

  • 80% on plastic (by weight) as compared to entirely disposable cutters,
  • 50% on cost as compared to similar disposable cutters.

Recommended for


 Single-Wall Corrugate
 Double-Wall Corrugate
 Triple-Wall Corrugate


 Plastic Banding
 Metal Banding
 Heavy-Duty Zip Ties


 Film & Stretch Wrap


 Packing Tape


  • Recessed blade reduces cut injuries and damaged goods.
  • Easy release locking tab releases interchangeable, replaceable blade head
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip handle helps reduce hand fatigue and repetitive stress injuries
  • High-quality, carbon-steel blade (0.025" / 0.63 mm blade thickness)
  • Wide opening (0.26" / 6.7 mm) for cutting thicker substrates
  • Advanced plastic polymers
  • Lanyard/tether ready
  • Ambidextrous

Safety & Versatility

  • The Klever XChange combines optimum safety with versatility.
  • Mix-and-match replacement heads based on the cutting application.

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Part Numbers

Handle with Wide, Multipurpose Blade Head

KCJ-XC-35Y (Yellow/Black)

KCJ-XC-35G (Orange/Black)

KCJ-XC-35R (Red/Black)

KCJ-XC-35B (Blue/Black)

KCJ-XC-35X (Kleen Antimicrobial)

KCJ-XC-35Y-PT (Yellow/Black w/plastic tape splitter)

Product/Packaging Specifications

Handles with Head Preloaded

144 pieces per case (12 bags of 12)
1 case = 11" x 11" x 7"
1 case = 13 lbs. = 5.9 kg

Four Colors Available!

To help distinguish between different departments or areas of use.

Klever XChange 35 Color Options

Kleen Option Available!

With Antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the product. Available in green/black handle ONLY. (KCJ-XC-35X)

Plastic Tape Splitter Option


For when a metal tape splitter is not required or permitted. Available in the yellow/black handle ONLY. (KCJ-XC-35Y-PT)